Be a Maverick Patriots

If I send him on this mission he might never come home. If I don’t send him he will never forgive me.” It’s a great line from Top Gun: Maverick. As campaign season is well underway in Arizona all patriots have a mission.

The mission? We’re focused on secure elections and calling into account candidates who are Republicans In Name Only (RINOs).

Make it your mission to watch 2000 Mules if you missed the Patriot Party of Arizona authorized public screening. 20 million people have watched it. 77% said the movie “strengthened their convictions that there was systematic and widespread election fraud in the 2020 elections.” according to the Rasmussen Report survey.

Who Is Watching?

It’s being watched by a cross section of voters: 19% of Republicans, 14% of Democrat’s and 11% unaffiliated voters shared their party affiliations. 41% of voters have heard about the movie which is approximately 15% of the 2020 160 million voters.


Where there are people holding elected offices who are not truly elected, representation and even liberty is at stake for us all regardless of political party.

What You CAN Do

  • Watch the movie. Assess the information for yourself. Watch with your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Hold RINOs accountable. Here’s how.
  • Protect your ballot and vote in person. Here’s how.

Patriots, it’s our mission to stand up for constitutional conservative leadership.