How Can Arizona Not Have Clean Elections?

Arizona has a Republican Governor, Republican House and Republican Senate. Arizonians want to know which Republicans don’t support One Day, One Vote. One Day, One Vote is the way Arizona voted in the 1950’s where each qualified voter has their vote and fraud was very difficult if not impossible. Other countries continue to vote this way and know election results the same night.

Steve Daniels, Patriot Party of Arizona Pro Tem Chairman and Stew Peterson talk about what happened to block this in Arizona. Stew calls out “Backroom deals that sell out Arizonians.” Steve talks about empowering the people.

What YOU Can Do

Republican officials and candidates “talk” about election reform. Measure the action – not their social media. There has been no significant movement by officials or promises by candidates. Ask yourself why that is? So what can you as an Arizonian voter do? Here’s where to start:

First, change your Arizona voter registration to vote in person. Protect your ballot! By changing to in person voting, you put the Arizona leaders on notice that your vote is only yours.

Second, call out candidates and ask them about Election Integrity and where they stand on One Day, One Vote. Your question and pushing can make a difference.

Third, check the RINO list and don’t vote for them.