Restoring Constitutional
Conservative Leadership
In Arizona
The AZGOP has been taken over by the establishment RINOs and they handed the biggest win in history to the Democrats! Are you mad yet? Join the movement check color_shape-img Patriot Party Of Arizona
We Want A Bill !
1 Person 1 Vote
1 Day Vote On Paper & In Person
No Machines
Candidate Rights To Inspect
No Mail-in Ballots
Absentee Ballots Yes
Join The Movement check color_shape-img Patriot Party Of Arizona
No More RINOs
Its Time To Draw
A Line In The Sand
We will not stand for any more RINOs like Romney, Flake and McCain. We are taking a stand. Join the movement check color_shape-img Patriot Party Of Arizona

By The People - For The People Welcome AZ Patriots!

It’s our mission to restore and maintain constitutional conservative leadership in Arizona. For too long the UNI-Party system has failed us, the people. Our conservative movement designed to hold the Republican Party accountable and ensure that we stop the RINO part of the Republican party that is only there to enrich and protect the establishment elite. We will recruit and back strong constitutional conservative candidates, mobilize through activism and fund a conservative agenda in Arizona. 

4 Things We Need You To Do

  1. Subscribe to our emails – so we can keep you updated with news, events, and calls to action (CTA)
  2. Attend Meetings and/or assume a leadership role in your LD (Legislative District)
  3. Donate. We need your time, talent, and treasure, to help us advance constitutional conservative efforts.
  4. Spread the word about the  Patriot Party of Arizona.

What is on our agenda?

  1. Election Integrity legislation (HB2596) – 2022 legislative session
    1. One Day
    2. One Vote
    3. No mail-in (absentee allowable)
    4. No machines
    5. Precinct Tabulation
  2. Accountability for anyone involved in election fraud. 
  3. Stop the Government from shutting down businesses, schools, or churches, again.
  4. Stop the Government, or businesses’, from forcing medical procedures. 
  5. Legislation that will ban the use of a vaccine passport for travel, employment, or public gatherings. 

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VIDEO INTRO - What is the Patriot Party

Constitutional conservatives have been silenced within the GOP. Find out how this movement got started and why its critical to saving our great country. 

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