Clean up the parties. Elect real constitutional conservatives during the primaries. 

Be Informed

Get beyond the hype. Be fully educated on what’s happening in our state. 

Get Involved

Engage with your friends and neighbors adding your voice to restoring Arizona.


Together we pool contributions and donate to campaigns and initiatives that restore Arizona.

Mission Statement

The Patriot Party Of Arizona was founded to give true constitutional conservatives a vehicle where they can be heard. As we coalesce together we create activism, hold politician candidates accountable, raise funds to promote constitutional conservative action and ensure the success of our party through leaders at the ground level.

We’re Ready to Rumble

Arizona Is Our House

Providing updates and answering questions about the current status of government in Arizona.

Why The Patriot Party Exists

A background overview of why there is a need for the Patriot Party of Arizona. Watch Now


There is a fire storm of activity across the constitutional restoration movement.  Catch it here. 

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