It’s RINO Season

As election signs pop up all over the state of Arizona, be on the watch for the RINOtag. RINOtag’s are red signs legally position near candidates signs who have demonstrated RINO behaviors against their constituents through their on record voting and statements.

The StopTheRINOs effort by the Patriot Party of Arizona focuses on holding Republican elected officials accountable. They must do what they promised in election campaigns. Officials who follow through on voting as constitutional conservative and represent their constituents, we thank.

Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), who say one thing and then do another compromise. They demonstrate they aren’t worthy of representing the people.

Act like a RINO … earn the call out: #RINOtag

The Patriot Party of Arizona has printed 800 RINO signs just to get started. These signs are protected by legal statute under the same provisions as election signs. Steve and Michelle share details about the signs and how they are available for use across the whole state of Arizona.

Signs are available in our Phoenix office if you’d like to help put up RINO signs in your communities major auto or foot traffic areas. A donation is appreciated to cover the cost of signs but is not required.

If you see a RINO sign and agree with it, take a photo and share it on social media with your community. Add #RINOtag to your post.

If a candidate has been tagged with a RINOtag sign and believes it’s in error, contact us at the Patriot Party of Arizona. We welcome meeting with you to discuss it.

Arizona deserves Republicans who are elected BY the people and FOR the people. Don’t be a RINO.