You’ve seen that a lot of fraud is being perpetrated with mail-in ballots and drop boxes. Arizona has a high number of voters registered for Active Early Voting (AEVL) as it was automatically set to “Yes” over several years of voter registration. The percentage of people that use it is the number one excuse by legislators for not wanting to eliminate it.

But YOU can choose to virtually eliminate mail-in ballots and drop boxes by electing to vote in person. Here is how to protect your vote and opt-out of the AEVL system.

A. Check Your Voting Status

Step 1: Log Into

Step 2: If AEVL is “Yes” then you are enrolled in automated

B. Active Early Voting List (AEVL) Removal

There are two paths to remove yourself from the AEVL.

Option 1: Write a letter requesting removal from AEVL. Sign and send it through the mail.

  • Provide your name, date of birth, voter registration address and signature.
  • Send to:
    Maricopa County Elections
    510 S. 3rd Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ  85003

Option 2: Go to to update your voter registration and remove your name from AEVL. This path requires a valid Arizona Driver’s License or non-operating ID. 

A image gallery of the steps in the process:

C. Validate

Log back in at to validate your status has changed to NO.