Many of your “favorite” candidates and media talking heads, are all a part of a large plan to take over power inside Arizona, at the expense of the people of Arizona. There has been an “insider” plan to disrupt #HB2289 (One Day, One Vote) and instead distract people with the “Dropboxes”.

Steve and Michelle will break down clues to this plan, and where things are at today. We call out what YOU can do.

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With the sole intent of restoring and maintaining constitutional conservatives, here’s a sampling of the video above.

  • Republican Candidates Business with Democrats
    • Gary Garcia Snyder (Republican Candidate State Senate LD23) campaign paid approximately 25% of raised funds $5740 to DHG Management. Why is a “republican” candidate paying funds to a Democrat?
    • The point? Follow the money.
  • Endorsements Coordination, Is It Theater?
    • Gary Garcia Snyder & DHG Management.
      • DHG Management is owned by Agustin Tumbaga, noted as a Democrat in 2016 and former Az. Mayor. Has Agustin had a change of political parties? No. In Dec 2021 Agustin endorsed Marco Lopez (D) for the upcoming Governor race. Source: Fundraising | Payments | DHG | Lopez Endorsement
      • Gary Garcia Snyder has been endorsed by candidate for Governor Kari Lake. Source: Snyder Facebook.
      • The point? Don’t vote based on endorsements.
  • Distractions From Real Change
    • HB2238 requires that County Drop Boxes be monitored (not removed). This is a distraction to take attention from HB2289 which is election integrity of one vote on one day. Rep. Walt Blackman comments that HB2289 helps to secure our elections. It disrupted the RINO agenda. Watch it at marker 42 mins in today’s video. Source: HB2238 | HB2289
    • Garrett Lewis, iHeart radio host, calls out that Rep. Blackman because “he ignored ballot drop boxes and asked Catherine Engelbrecht about the wrong bill”. How does Garrett, as a radio host, know what’s suppose to be brought up? Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote presenting to the Legislature noted HB2289 best serves securing elections. Garrett supports Eli Crane who is running for Congress in a district he doesn’t live in who did a commercial endorsement for McSally. Source: iHeart article | Crane endorses McSally | Az Legislative Hearing
    • Deep state Strategist. This is a curious list of connected clients. Source: FP1 Clients
    • The point? Insiders are coordinating efforts to “look” like they want what is best for the people while channeling attention to activities that don’t matter & bank on will not be passed. It’s why even with Republicans in the majority — nothing changes!

What can YOU do?

  • Own your VOTE and vote in person. Don’t mail a early ballot or drop it in a dropbox.
  • Unregister from Arizona’s AEVL system. Vote in person. “Mules” can not get your ballot if you show up on election day.
  • Follow The Money. Check the donors and backers of candidates. Check how they spend their campaign dollars. Check what businesses related to elected officials or candidates get big gov contracts.
  • Submit YOUR opinions on bills being discussed in the Arizona Legislature.
  • Talk to your friends. Waking up to the manipulation is key. Join us on social. Share our content on social using the share icons at the bottom of every page.
  • Join our free, secure network. Get involved. You do make a difference.