Anyone that tells you that Election Integrity isn’t a top issue for Arizona voters is gaslighting you. Arizonans are desperate for #HB2289. As of today, it’s being blocked from completing the representative process.

House Bill 2289 (HB 2289) was originally introduced by representatives John Fillmore (R-Apache Junction) and Neal Carter (R-San Tan Valley) and has since been amended in the Senate.

For example, the HB 2289 would:

  • Require that only paper ballots be used;
  • require that they be tabulated by hand within 24 hours of polls closing;
  • end early, mail-in, and most absentee voting;
  • enact strong voter ID safeguards;
  • reinstate precinct voting, rather than at large, centralized voting facilities; and
  • expressly prohibit mask or vaccine mandates to vote.
  • exceptions for military.
  • exception for disabled.
  • exception for those who can not be at polling stations.

Vote Status – Held Up by Senate President Karen Fann

House & Senate – Passed

In the House of Representatives votes by Republican and Democrat. (source: HB2289 passed through the House and was sent to the Senate.

In the Senate vote. The Senate Standing Committee was a close 4:3 before moving to the Senate. (source:

Senate – Needs to Go to Rules!

The Legislative Process is that the Senate President sends it on to Rules. However she is single handedly holding it up. Senator Fann says there aren’t enough votes. As the Session comes to a close, HB2289 is at risk of “sine die” which means the Assemblies close without future action. Essentially it allows HB2289 to die.

If put forward once it completes through Rules, then it would return to the House and the Senate for a vote. Senator Fann … put it through and let the People’s Representatives Vote!