#ElectionFraud2022 brought to you by the GOP

#PentelGate is the hot new trend for 2022!!

The #Uniparty is rigging the election…again.

The RNC attorney has issued a directive to county GOP chairs, to have the information cascaded down the chain, recommending the use of markers on ballots. They don’t want anyone to be alarmed. (No one is…)

As explained by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, bleed-through on ballots provides the opportunity for fraud. ANY mark on a ballot outside of a selection bubble suspends that ballot from being tabulated and included in the count, leaving it available for manipulation. This is required to be able to backfill the ‘votes’ necessary to match the pre-determined result for the race.

While the GOP is making a show of the importance of poll watchers for election integrity, they’re actually using them to help implement the fraud.

Ballpoint pens have been used to mark ballots without issue historically. There is no problem that requires using a marker on ballots to solve.