Why wouldn’t we be??

There are some Republicans that have employed the tactic of accusing individuals of supporting the Patriot Party in an attempt to smear and degrade them. None of the individuals being targeted are associated with the Patriot Party, but let’s examine what it is that the RINOs feel shouldn’t be supported.

The Patriot Party is not a third party. It is a group that organizes effective activism. At present, it is similar to the Tea Party. The mission of the Patriot Party is to restore and maintain constitutional conservative leadership in Arizona. Yeah, I can see why the RINOs would have a problem with that.

But what have the Patriot Party, its leadership, and its members actually done?

• stopped red flag laws and secured our 2nd amendment rights

• started the reopen Arizona rallies

• applied the pressure to Ducey that prevented him from issuing a statewide mask mandate

• recognized and rallied support for the reduction of ballot harvesting proxy votes within the party

• exposed corruption between multiple organizations related to the COVID-19 scam; organizations include TGEN, City of Hope, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, In-Q-Tel (CIA) via labs on the campuses of our three main State funded universities

• sounded the alarm about election fraud before the 2020 general election was stolen

• exposed #SharpieGate

• spearheaded the only constitutionally sound effort to prevent the illegitimate electoral votes for Biden

• instrumental in the drafting of legislation to prohibit mandates on businesses to enforce mask policies, as well as securing the votes that enabled its passage

• procured and promoted liberty legislation such as the COVID-19 passport ban and vaccine status anti-discrimination bill (both killed by RINOs)

• sparked the national movement of parent participation at school board meetings

• battled in the education arena for years. Opposing; CRT, SEL, CSE, school closures, mask & vaccine mandates and quarantines. Supporting; school choice and #ESA4All. Achieved successes at individual, district and legislative levels

• authored the only election integrity bill that would secure our elections with One Day • One Vote • On Paper • In Person • No Machines • Hand Count • Precinct Polling

• attempted the recall of Speaker Bowers which was not permitted to move forward, but the 25,000+ registered voters in his district that were educated about him and signed a petition to recall him surely did not vote for him and he suffered a spectacular loss in his primary

• exposed RINOs running in the primaries to voters utilizing signage, many of whom were eliminated

Listen to the words of Representative Osborne when she ran out of time and was forced to vote on HB 2770.

Why would any conservative be ashamed to be accused of supporting the Patriot Party??

I used to go around defending people that were lied about and attacked as being associated with the Patriot Party when they actually weren’t. Not anymore. Because they should be with us.

The Patriot Party fights hard, every day, to maintain the freedom and liberty of all Arizonans. If you don’t like the way in which we do it, step right up. If you get it done, I promise that I won’t criticize you for your methods.

We are in a bloodless war. (WE — that includes you, like it or not) And we make no apologies for fighting as hard as possible to achieve a peaceful political solution. Even if it requires being mean sometimes or it hurts someone’s feelings.

And just so you know, the Patriot Party offered to unify in the run up to the midterms. Things have accelerated and in the interest of the good of our state, we extended an olive branch and sought to work together. It is the AZGOP that is perpetuating the divisiveness. They’re using the red team vs blue team strategy within the red team. They called it good cop, bad cop and touted, what they referred to as the Patriot Party bad cop tactics, being necessary and successful. That’s what is said to the Patriot Party. What’s said to you about the Patriot Party?