Before The Democrat Communist Takeover is Complete…

Apparently, it’s not enough that they’ve already stolen another election that will solidify their stranglehold over all future (S)elections, ensuring Democrat rule in perpetuity. They want to get started early wiping their asses with our Constitution and stealing your money.

In 1980, The People of Arizona amended the State Constitution to include a cap on education spending, the Aggregate Expenditure Limit (AEL). The AEL is a spending limit for school districts based on the aggregate expenditure of all districts. It’s a measure that, in theory, would prevent the legislature from appropriating massive amounts of your money to the failing public education system, necessitating tax increases, so they can pay for the latest and greatest indoctrination programs.

Thus far, our legislature has skirted around the Will of The People and our State Constitution by voting to override/lift the AEL whenever it’s “needed.” Meaning, whenever they’ve given the schools more of your tax dollars than the school districts are Constitutionally permitted to spend.

It’s a major issue for the Union, i.e. the Democrats.

The AEL is what could commonly be referred to in political circles as a negotiating tool. Push/pull. Give/get. Win/win. But, not in our Arizona legislature with our “Republican” legislators. They have never, that I can remember, gotten the Ds to give a damn thing and they’ve given on this issue every single time.

So here we are. Arizona is about to install a radical Democrat governor that will never sign any meaningful reform that would secure our elections and give away their complete control and power. And the RINOs are lining up to force the Democrat agenda down our throats even earlier than scheduled.

This is just a preview of the next two years when you will see the RINOs cross over to move Democrat policies. Until they’ve given themselves California-esque carte blanche in 2024 and beyond.

Now is the time to act. Now is the only time left to act. If you want to ever have anything that even remotely resembles a real election again, you must act now.

With the Republican majority facing extinction, they’re still capitulating to their captors.

You should be on the phone right now with your legislators while you’re sending them emails demanding that they require One Day One Vote be passed during any Special Session that they’re willing to participate in. Show up to the Capitol so they can see that we do not consent to giving up our right to vote!

Udall should NEVER be able to deliver 2/3 to call a Special Session on AEL without it. And Governor Ducey should know that the first priority of any Special Session must be One Day One Vote/HB2289.