On the Arizona Senate floor Democrats vociferously defending drag queen shows for kids. These conversations are happening now and matter for School Board elections.

According to Psychology Today, an article proclaims “Understanding the science behind the art of pushing gender boundaries.” It defines, “Drag queens, otherwise known as “female impersonators,” are most typically gay cisgender men (though there are many drag queens of varying sexual orientations and gender identities) who perform and entertain on stage in nightclubs and bars.”

Advocates use the pseudo-logic that keeping drag out of schools infringes rights. Steele (D) states “I will fight against any legislation that seeks to diminish the freedom Arizonian’s have to be and love whomever they want.

Arizonians do not want drag queens “loving” our children.

Tell your representative what you think. Know who is on your local school board. It not just parents and grandparents who need to be involved in local action. It’s all of us.