The RINO Swamp Is Attempting To Corrupt The GOP Primary Winners

The establishment moved quickly to get their hooks into the Republican candidates for the state legislature. Under the guise of “legislative training” on August 15th, potential future state representatives were told exactly what is expected of them should they be elected.

The lobbyists for the lobbyists were; Teresa Martinez, Travis Grantham and Ben Toma. The main takeaways were to have an open door policy…to lobbyists, and to maintain a relationship built on trust…with lobbyists.

The People weren’t mentioned, except to say that we don’t matter. You see, they expect OUR representatives to commit to vote a certain way before the bill is heard. They need to tell the Chair their vote beforehand and stick with it. That’s a must because lobbyists need to be able to trust them.

Basically, public comments in committee hearings are just for show. Their minds are already made up, their votes are accounted for, and nothing that anyone says can change it. That is the very clear instruction that was given.

Grantham added the warning that they are not to expose corruption or shame the RINOs. They are expected to maintain a strict, “What happens in the AZLeg, stays in the AZLeg” policy.

These members should not be permitted to chair any committees or hold any positions in leadership. They are the very antithesis of America First and should have no influence in our legislature.

It is time for the politicians in Arizona to understand their place and position. They’re not there to represent themselves, lobbyists or special interests. They are there as representatives of We The People of Arizona and OUR interests.