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SAVE ARIZONA, SAVE THE NATION --- The communists know if they can stop Election Integrity in Arizona, they can stop it ANYWHERE.


The ultimate goal of the Patriot Party is to restore constitutional conservative leadership to AZ and the Republican party.

First, help restore election integrity. When we became an official party we will have a seat at the table. WE will have observers at the polls as well, and you are not going to stick a Patriot 75 feet away behind a roped off area, cover the windows, and not be allowed to observe like they did to the republican observers, and steal an election.

Secondly, the reason the republican party continues to recycle RINO’S, is because they freeze out REAL constitutional conservatives during the primaries. We can help affect that situation by financially supporting a real conservative republican candidate, and provide them with one hell of a ground game, as we are the activist party. Helps level the playing field.

Thirdly, if the republican party can only maintain the majority if they get the Patriot Party votes by running REAL conservatives, we can clean up the party and put people in place to Insulate AZ from the corrupt Federal government and the Biden administration.

Fourth, we are already cleaning up the republican party by recalling the RINO’S that just stole the election. We are currently recalling Rusty Bowers. We have the funding, the support, and the ground game, it’s going to happen. When we are done with him, we will begin a recall on the next RINO until we purge the party of all the traitors. Plus, when they see that it’s RINO hunting season, a lot of them will knock it off before we get to them.

I hope we do such a good job restoring the republican party that we no longer need the Patriot Party. But as of right now, there’s simply no way to fix the corrupted system THROUGH a corrupted system.

Angelina Russo – Patriot Party of Arizona

mission & vision

Patriot Party Of Arizona

Our mission & vision

The Patriot Party Of Arizona  was founded to give true constitutional conservatives a vehicle where they can be heard.  If we coalesce together, we can raise funds, create activism, sponsor politician candidates and ensure the success of our party through leaders at the ground level.